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FloodWorks is proud to use XPSWMM fully dynamic 1D/2D hydraulic software.

, Lismore Northern NSW, uses the XPSWMM software platform provides the power to analyse and predict hydraulic behaviour, depth and velocity and accurately models the interaction of surface and underground systems in an integrated 1D/2D modelling environment.
XPSWMM provides a fully dynamic 2D overland flow capability, coupled with the piped 1D capability, allowing simulations of flows in and out of urban drainage networks, design channels and river systems. It provides an incredibly accurate tool to predict the extent, depth, velocity and duration of peak flows to evaluate mitigation and control technologies and management practices. Features supporting structural failure assessment (dams, channel surcharge etc) allow detailed analysis of failure scenarios.



  • Accuracy. When it comes to stormwater and flooding, accurate simulation and forecasting can save lives and property. A simulation model that can demonstrate how water moves over land and how it interacts with the piped and channel system and the terrain.
  • 1D/2D Integration. The combination of the 1D network flow with 2D surface flow uses the best description of the flow for each case. See how stormwater on the surface interact with an existing creek or piped system. Watch as stormwater systems, waters flow down streets or across land surfaces and either pool or re-enter the system.
  • Structures and Terrain. Model not only the land terrain but its specific attributes. Factors in a model can include different types of land use, buildings, structures, dams, levees, fences and more. Tins can be modified within the software allowing for faster iterations.
  • Powerful Analysis. Using the powerful and well-accepted TUFLOW analysis engine coupled with the versatile XPSWMM 1D analysis engine, means that you will get accurate hydraulics answers, stable model runs, and fast run times.