Achieving sustainable development through innovative water engineering, planning, assessment and exceptional design.

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FloodWorks is a licensed engineering company working in water management systems and environmental planning services. Our aim is to provide the very best sustainable planning and design solution that are highly cost effective and the lowest cost of option for the term of a project. We are committed to sustainable development through innovative environmental design that offers practical, focused and cost effective consulting services to clients in the Development and Local Government sectors. We aim to provide solutions that are not only highly effective, compliant with planning requirements, lower in cost of operation but also simply the very best for the environment over the long term. With our plans you can have the best of both worlds, lower cost and a greater environmental outcome.

We have the most advanced computerised design and planning solutions available that will give you detailed planning and oversight of all aspects of the design that will assist fast planning approvals and greater insight into the challenges of the project. You will simply know more earlier so you can be sure of what your project issues are and how best to solve them long before you start turning the earth. In the end you will also have the satisfaction of knowing you are doing things the right way both for you and the environment. We can also help you to rethink parts of existing projects to be more cost effective and environmentally aware with early planning. You can substantially increase total costs savings over the life of the project with early insight provided by our state of the art software.

FloodWorks specialises in:

  1. Dynamic 2D Flood Modelling – Dynamic 1D-2D hydraulic assessment (XPSWMM – TUFLOW) of overland flow paths, estuary, groundwater and riverine flooding. Outputs include fully compliant technical flooding reports and flood management plans including 2D flood mapping of flood depth, velocity, hazard and flood planning level, time to peak evacuation routing
  2. Naturalised Stormwater Management  Fully compliant stormwater management report including on-site detention (OSD) hydraulic modelling, water sensitive urban design, water quality assessment, erosion sediment control and design drawings
  3. Water Quality Management – Treatment of effluent waters (stormwater, waste water, industrial) by natural and engineered systems to the specific end-use including drinking, industrial water supply, irrigation, river flow maintenance including being safely returned to the environment. MUSIC modelling
  4. Traditional Stormwater Network Analysis – Stormwater network analysis including constraints and options assessments, costings, and detailed design drawings. All results are GIS compatible allowing for easy integration into GIS based Asset Management systems
  5. Erosion and Sediment Control – Certified Professional in Erosion Sediment Control (CPESC)

As part of our ongoing commitment to improving sustainable outcomes for your project and the environment, FloodWorks would like to provide two free offers to you:

  • A free review of any current projects including a brief report at no cost to you
  • A free live demonstration of the power of our modelling software and how we can save you money and improve the design experience for you, the client and Council.