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Our Services

FloodWorks, Lismore Northern NSW, is a multidisciplinary consultancy specialising in the planning and design of sustainable built urban environments. FloodWorks is committed to the pursuit of local sustainable development through innovative environmental design, and offers practical, focused and cost effective consulting services to clients in the Development and Local Government sectors.

FloodWorks specialises in:

  • Sustainable Civil Design and Planning Services
  • 2D Flood and Stormwater Modelling & Risk Management
  • Urban Stormwater Network Hydraulic Analysis
  • Water Quality Management including Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD)
  • Naturalised Wetland and Waterway Design
  • Water Balance Modelling and Reuse
  • Erosion Sediment Controls & High Efficiency Sediment Basins
  • Environmental Approvals (Noise, Ecological…)

How does Sustainable Design create value for my project?

FloodWorks creates value for your project by incorporating ecological principles within traditional civil design. Ecologically sustainable based designs creates the advantage of:

  • Fast tracked approval and improved support by Council
  • Improved acceptance by community and enhanced Social Licence to operate
  • A sense of prestige and amplified intention by Eco aware purchaser
  • Reduced Environmental Risks and Long Term Sustainability of the Project
  • Recognition by industry and peers for environmental best practice
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